Hari Group | Know your star – Mohanlal
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Know your star – Mohanlal

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About this game

This is a tribute game dedicated to Mohanlal, the Complete Actor. Most of us in our game studio feel indebted to this man for the great characters he has put in front of us across the years. This is our way of saying thank you.

Within this game, we have a dance floor where you can pick a sequence of colors which if done correctly will make the actor dance. There is a puzzle where you can try your skills at unscrambling the face of the Complete Actor. There is another game where you can drag and drop the accessories and weapons in Pulimurugan on to a picture of the actor as well, so that he is ready to go for vetta.

Try out this game when you have a chance. You can also watch trailers of Mohanlal movies that we have shared within the game from public sources.